ALO Lao Keyboard

Lao Keyboard Introduction

This keyboard uses Big Brother Mouse's ALO keyboard layout - it's totally different to the various 'standard' layouts based on the Lao typewriter.

The standard Lao keyboard is derived from Thai and it isn't well suited to Lao. One of Big Brother Mouse's first projects, back in 2005, before they had published any books, was to design a layout that is faster and easier to use, and easier to learn. Consonants on the left, vowels on the right. Punctuation and numbers in the usual places. Big Brother Mouse calls it the Alo keyboard (a re-arrangement of the letters in Lao, as well as a good way to answer the phone.)

Installation Instructions

Please download the keyboard here

The browser will warn you of risks associated with downloading zip files from the internet. (I could warn you about many things - but let's keep to the point...)

So - DOWNLOAD it. Then...

Extract all files. Yes - the zip file will happily appear in a explorer window, and will show an enticing but useless:

And it's so compelling to click that image isn't it? No! Extract first!

So "Extract all files" (ສະກັດທໍາອິດ!)

Then you can click on that "alo4_i386.msi".

Agonise some more before hitting "Run"...

Then behold:

There! You are done!

On Windows7 you'll have a new keyboard listed in the Language Bar:


Running the msi once more will prompt you with:


Or, failing that...

Work in progress

...if you find bugs, please let me know!

Zero Width Space

I've placed the Unicode Zero Width Space on the top shifted row where the '+' sits on most western keyboards.

Keyboard Layouts

Shifted Keys

Unshifted Keys



A demonstration

Allow me to demonstrate: ສະບາຍດີ - I hope you were impressed!

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