George EVANS 1825 - 1847
Fourth child, third son of Rev. Dr. Arthur Benoni EVANS and Anne DICKINSON
Born 17th May 1825
"the cleverest babe that ever was seen"
(in the diary of his father, see Time and Chance by Joan Evans p.28)
Pupil at his father's school at Market Bosworth.
Apprenticed to Mr Lee the Market Bosworth surgeon.
Started to study medicine at Guy's Hospital, London.
Contracted tuberculosis.
Went to Madeira for the clear air.
His childhood nurse, Mary Wade, sailed heroically to Madeira to nurse him.
She took with her two of Arthur Evans's violins in their cases and a letter nine pages long from his father to comfort him.
Died 25th January 1847 and was buried in the Old Cemetery, Funchal, Madeira.
In the 19th century many British people who suffered from chronic chest complaints, usually tuberculosis, were advised to go to Madeira because of the favourable climate. One of these was George Evans, Elizabeth Phelps’ (née Dickinson) nephew. He had contracted TB when he was a medical student at St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London and was sent to Madeira to recuperate with his Phelps relations. Sadly, he died there on 25 January 1847 and was buried in the British cemetery.
In June of that year, Elizabeth writes: “Dear George's Tablet is put up. I shall see it tomorrow.”
(Taken from "The Phelps family and the Wine trade in 19th Century Madeira" by Boylston/Forrest 2017.)
Photo by J.F. Hubbard
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