Sarah Ann Waddington HUBBARD 1825 - 1864
Second child, first daughter of Samuel HUBBARD and Sarah WADDINGTON
Born "40 minutes past 5 o'clock in the morning" 16th June 1825 at Free school Lane, Parish of All Saints, Leicester.
“Baptised 14 July 1825 by the Rev.G.E.Mitchell, Vicar at the parish church. Christened 22 August 1825, Uncle Hubbard and Uncle Waddington, Godfathers; Miss Elizh Owston and (?) Jellips, Ann Henry, Godmothers.”
Was she ill and had an emergency baptism - or was a two-part celebration more common at that time? Both her brother John W Hubbard and sister Mary had the same. Technically Baptism is a sacrament using water and saying the words “I baptise you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.” The newly baptised is then a full member of the Christian heritage. This formulary can be used in an emergency without a church ceremony. Christening is naming the person/baby, giving him or her a 'Christian' name. The newly christened is welcomed as a full member into his or her family. In more recent years, in popular parlance, Baptism and Christening were used interchangeably. Perhaps in this part of Leicestershire we are seeing a custom where Baptism and Christening were still celebrated separately in the early 1800's?
Died 31st January 1864 at Foss Road, Leicester in her 39th year and was buried in the cemetery, Leicester, where her mother was afterwards buried.
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