Richard WADDINGTON 1680 - 1744
Born 1680 Oglethorpe, Bramham, Yorkshire
Died 3rd October 1744 Bramham, Yorkshire
Married Mary HAWKES 1681 – 1733
Their son Richard 1711 – 1800, married Mary WEATHERILL - d.1806
Extract from the Halifax Antiquarian Society's Publication, 1929, by Tom Sutcliffe
The Waddingtons are a very ancient family and trace their ancestry to a period prior to the Norman Conquest. Their principal seat was at Waddington, in the West Riding, near Clitheroe. At the Survey of Domesday Book, Waddington is represented as part of the lands of Roger of Poitou.
The village of Waddington is a little over fifty miles from Bramham.
Little is known of the early Waddingtons, however in around 1718 a Richard Waddington rented Oglethorpe Hall to farm the land.
Oglethorpe Hall Farm, 2021
‘Richard of an old family long resident in the neighbourhood of Boston Spa. Mr Waddington’s grandfather, also named Richard was married at Bardsey in February 1625 but it is not known where he was born.’
See page 380 of Chapter 34 of Harry Speight’s Lower Wharfedale 1920.
The Waddington’s were wealthy Yorkshire farmers, employing local people at a time when farming was still a community activity.
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