Jacques DE BRISSAC 1632 - 1689
Only son of Jacques de BRISSAC c.1592 – 1672 and Marie ROY 1615 – 1632
He had four half-brothers and one half-sister by his father’s second wife Marie RIBAY
Born November 1632, Baptised (Temple……) His mother’s death would have been caused by childbirth.
Died December 1689, Castel, Guernsey, aged 57 years
1) Jeanne de BRISSAC (?cousin?) 1633 – 1668 m. on 16 January 1663 at Vitré.
(Vitré is a commune in the Ille-et-Vilaine department in Brittany in north-western France.)
2) Rachel de LEGGE 1640 – 1703 m. 1669
Rachel LEGGE and Jacques had seven children
1) James (Jacques) de BRISSAC 1669 - 1736 m. Marie DURAND b.1687
2) Theodore de BRISSAC b.1671 m. Sarah AZIRE b. 1683
3) Richard de BRISSAC 1672 - 1674
4) Pierre de BRISSAC b.1673 m.Marie ROY b. 1686
5) Olivier de BRISSAC 1675 - 1715
6) Rachel de BRISSAC 1677 - 1678
7) Richard de BRISSAC 1683 - 1704
Jacques was pastor in Nantes (1660 – 1685) described as ‘Écuyer, sieur des Loges’ – loosely translating as ‘Squire, Master of the Lodges’, which would have been a position at the University.
In 1668, Jeanne dies.
In 1669 Jacques marries Rachel de LEGGE.
Jacques goes on to be pastor (1670-85) at Sucé-sur-Erdre, north of Nantes.
Jacques and Rachel left France as part of a wave of Huguenot migration to Guernsey (1685-89.) Jacques became pastor/rector of the parish of Castel, the church of Our Lady of Deliverance (to use its ancient title.) Jacques and Rachel remained on Guernsey for the rest of their lives.
The list of Rectors at Castel begins in 1262 and encompasses Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Calvinist and Anglican clergy. (BBC Guernsey website)
(Sources – R.Gennerat – Huguenots de France 2003; BBC Guernsey website; Glasse – Church-Protestante 1590 - 1665)
Map showing the extent of the parish of Castel on Guernsey.
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