Maj. Gen. Thomas DICKINSON 1784 - 1861
Second son and child of Thomas DICKINSON (Capt. R.N.) 1754 - 1828 and Frances de BRISSAC 1760 - 1854
Born 16th April 1784, Woolwich, Kent, England
Died 19th April 1861, Sussex, England
   1) Catherine DEANE 1786 - 1855
   2) Mary WEEKES (née MARSHALL) 1812 - 1893
Catherine and Thomas had eight children
All born in Bombay (Mumbai) - or Poona (Pune), India.
Thomas Malcolm DICKINSON
17 Feb 1809 - 10 July 1836
died at Rajcote in India. Ensign 14th Bombay Native Infantry and a distinguished Oriental scholar. Assistant Political Agent in Kathiawar.
Henry Strahan DICKINSON
20 July 1810 - 28 Sept 1896
married 10 July 1840, Catherine Mary TYLECOTE, 28 Aug 1806 - 1881
Their son Henry John DICKINSON, 15 Aug 1842 - 17 Aug 1842
George Harris DICKINSON
4 Sept 1812 - 9 May 1832
died at Poona in India with the Bombay Engineers.
Sebastian Stewart DICKINSON
25 March 1815 - 23 Aug 1878
Married 15 May 1856, Frances Stephana HYETT of Painswick House 13 Sept. 1824 - 23 Dec 1893
They had three children:
   i) Frances May DICKINSON 22 Apr 1857 - 15 April 1934
   ii) Willoughby Hyett DICKINSON 09 Apr 1859 - 31 May 1943
   1st Baron Dickinson KBE, PC; was a British Liberal Party politician.
   iii) Annie Josephine DICKINSON 13 Oct 1863 - 05 Aug 1953
Eleanor Fanny DICKINSON
9 Nov 1816 - 7 March 1892
married 10 Feb 1841, Capt. George FULLJAMES, 1815 - 1867
25th Regiment Bombay Native Infantry and Political Agent of Rewah Kanta
They had one daughter:
   Catherine Harriet FULLJAMES 9 Dec. 1841- 1923
   She married 14 Aug 1867, The Rev Walter Frederick ROWSELL.
12 Nov 1818 - 17 Jan 1863
married 1) 23 Jan. 1838 Lieutenant Frank WEMYSS, Capt. Bombay Engineers. 1813 - 1848
married 2) Capt. William Bligh O'CONNELL. 1814 - 1896
By her first husband her children were:
   i) Harriet Catherine WEMYSS, 22 Dec.1841 - 1928
   ii) Francis WEMYSS, 1844 - 25 Jan 1847
   iii) Maynard Willoughby WEMYSS, 14 Aug 1846 - 1930
      He assumed the surname of COLCHESTER as a prefix to WEMYSS
      married 14 June 1871 Mary Clere DICKENSON and had five children.
   iv) Alice WEMYSS, 13 Sept 1848 - 1928
William Rice DICKINSON
23 Dec 1824 - 1907
married 20 Nov 1860 Margaret Blanche CLUBLEY. 1839 - 1884
He became Major General in the Indian Engineers,1871
Their children were:
   i) Catharine Blanche DICKINSON, 3 July 1862 - 1911
   ii) Thomas Malcolm DICKINSON, 1 March 1865 - 1898
      m. 10 Oct 1890 Gertrude Henrietta MOORE, 1 Jan 1863 - 1947
      Their children were
      i) William Malcolm DICKINSON, 20 Nov 1891 - 1948
      ii) Thomas Malcolm DICKINSON, Feb 1893 - 1921
   iii) Nora Frances Margaret DICKINSON, b. 26 Dec 1876 -
   iv) William Henry (known as Harry) Egerton de Brissac DICKINSON, 20 Aug 1880 - 1906
Alexander Wedderburn DICKINSON
8 Nov 1829 - 23 June 1848
Died in Bombay, of the Bombay Civil Service
From the Gloucester Archives
The notable Gloucestershire families of Hyett and Dickinson were related through the marriage of Frances Stephana Hyett, daughter of William Henry Hyett, to Sebastian Dickinson in 1856. Both the Dickinsons and the Hyetts had a strong sense of "family": the bulk of this collection comprises family correspondence which has been collected and sorted by various family members (notably Francis A. Hyett), much of it serving as the basis for family biographies and memoirs.
The individuals best represented in this collection are Sebastian Dickinson, Willoughby Dickinson and Francis Hyett, all prominent figures in public life. Sebastian Dickinson (1815-1878) was educated at Eton and brought up mainly by his grandparents in Kent while his parents were in Bombay where his father served in the Indian Army as Chief Engineer. Sebastian was articled to a London solicitor before being called to the Bar in 1839. He then left England for Bombay where he lived for 12 years, making a large fortune as a barrister. In 1853 he returned to England and settled in Brownshill, Stroud, devoting himself to civic duties and philanthropic concerns. He represented Stroud as a Liberal M.P., 1868-1874; his other responsibilities included being chairman of Gloucestershire Quarter Sessions and Stroud Board of Guardians and serving on the committee of Barnwood Asylum. His son Willoughby Dickinson (1859-1943) spent most of his adult life in London. He was a member, and ultimately chairman, of the first London County Council, represented the constituency of N. St. Pancras in Parliament and was involved with the League of Nations and the World Council of Churches. He was made Lord Painswick in 1930. Francis Hyett (1844-1941) was extremely active in local affairs and was described in his obituary as the "doyen of Gloucestershire public men". He was a barrister at the Chancery Bar in London for five years, returning to Painswick to devote himself to public service following the death of his father in 1877. He served as chairman of the County Council's education committee for many years, and became chairman of the County Council itself in 1918. He served as a magistrate for over 70 years, becoming chairman of Gloucestershire Quarter Sessions in 1929, and was also first chairman of Painswick Parish Council. Francis Hyett was well known as an antiquarian: he was chairman of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society, and the author of several books on aspects of local history.
The interesting group of papers relating to General Sir Richard Meade, a senior official of the British Government in India during and after the turbulent Mutiny period, came into the possession of the Dickinson family through the marriage of his daughter Minnie to Willoughby Dickinson.
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