Sebastian DICKINSON 1787 - 1811
Sixth child and fourth son of Capt. Thomas DICKINSON R.N. 1754 - 1828 and Frances de BRISSAC 1760 - 1854
Born 4th December 1787, Middlesex
Died 11th May 1811, Badajós, Spain
Killed at the siege of Badajos.
The second siege of Badajoz (22 April - 12 May and 18 May - 10 June, 1811) saw an Anglo-Portuguese Army, first led by William Carr Beresford and later commanded by Arthur Wellesley, the Viscount Wellington, besiege a French garrison under Armand Philippon at Badajoz, Spain. After failing to force a surrender, Wellington withdrew his army when the French mounted a successful relief effort by combining the armies of Marshals Nicolas Soult and Auguste Marmont. The action was fought during the Peninsular War, part of the Napoleonic Wars. Badajoz is located 6 kilometres (4 mi) from the Portuguese border on the Guadiana River in western Spain.
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Charles Turner - No.12 Badajos during the Siege of June 1811 –
B1978.43.1035 - Yale Centre for British Art
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