George DICKINSON 1793 - 1843
Eighth child and fourth son of Thomas DICKINSON (Capt. R.N.) 1754 - 1828 and Frances de BRISSAC 1760 - 1854.
Born 9th December 1793, Plumstead. Greenwich, Kent
Died 1st July 1843
Two Brief mentions in Time and Chance
With George’s siblings it has been easy to find much to write about.
About George we can find nothing except two brief mentions in Time and Chance, as follows -
1) ‘……..the only grown-up Dickinsons of the younger generation permanently at home were one son, George, Elizabeth, who was engaged to Mr. Joseph Phelps of Madeira, and the two other unmarried daughters, Frances and Anne.’
(Joan Evans, Time and Chance p. 22)
2) ‘Mr. Strahan died in 1831, leaving £5,000 to Mrs. Dickinson of Bramblebury, £4,000 to her son John, £2,000 each to Harriet Grover, Anne Evans, and Elizabeth Phelps, £1,500 each to the unmarried George and Frances Dickinson, and £250 to Arthur Benoni Evans.’
(Joan Evans, Time and Chance p. 46)
Nowhere else can any information be found except for his baptism of 29 May 1794.
George died aged fifty.
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