Joseph PHELPS 1651 - 1697
Son of Thomas PHELPS 1625 – 1701 and Edith WILLIAMS b. 1628
Born 1651, Dursley, baptised 7 August 1651, Dursley
Died 1697, Dursley, buried 15 April 1697, Dursley
Married Elizabeth MAYNARD (b 1660) daughter of John and Hannah Maynard of Cam. 29 June 1682 at St Mary de Crypt, Gloucester
1) Hannah (1683–1685)
2) John (b 1684)
3) Joseph (1687–1737)
This Joseph was the second of three sons born to Thomas Phelps and Edith WILLIAMS, who also bore four daughters. His elder brother Thomas (1646–1718) married Abigail MAYO (1650–1697) and went on to found a senior Phelps branch, now extinct in the male line, while his younger brother William (1685–1701) did not marry.
Recording of baptisms and burials was problematical at this time but we were lucky to find the entry "Josephus filius Thomas Phellps et Editha uxor, Bapt." and later "Joseph Phelps, Clothier, Sepult." among Dursley parish records.
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