Joseph PHELPS 1718 - 1786
Child of Joseph PHELPS (1687–1737) and Anna CAMBRIDGE (1678–1724).
Born 20th April 1718, Dursley
Died 10th July 1786, Dursley
Married 14 February 1740, Ann PULLEN (1705–1776)
1) Ann (1740–1748)
2) Joseph (1744–1800)
3) Mary (1746–1747)
4) William (1749–1831)
Joseph was the only child of Joseph PHELPS, a cooper (1687–1737) and Anna CAMBRIDGE (1678–1724). He was still a minor when his father died and he was left to the guardianship of John Cambridge and Nicholas Neale, both described as clothiers. Joseph was a maltster, that is one who makes the malt for brewing ale, and possibly also a cooper, thus carrying on the family connection with this industry.
Following tradition, Joseph bequeathed the bulk of his estate to his eldest son (Joseph) but also inserted the following: "I give unto my Son William the sum of two hundred pounds of lawful Money of Great Britain, and I give unto Elizabeth his wife the sum of twenty pounds of like Money as a small acknowledgement of my regard for her, I also give unto my said Son William my largest Silver Tankard."
Both his daughters had died young, but his two sons went on to found the firm of Madeira merchants which had links with that Island for the next hundred years.
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