Edward VIZARD 1810 - 1888
Third son of John VIZARD 1772 – 1814 and Anna Maria WEIGHT 1783 – 1830
Born 18th February 1810, Dursley, Gloucestershire
Died 1888, Dover St James, Kent
Married Ann FOLEY 1815 – 1902 at Holt, Worcestershire, 14th February 1837
Ann and Edward had eleven children -
1) Ann Elizabeth VIZARD 1837 – 1899
2) Edward John VIZARD 1839 – 1839
3) Andrew VIZARD 1841 – 1922 m. Nina Elizabeth Ledeatt KINGSTON (Six children.)
4) Philip Edward VIZARD 1843 – 1924 m. Lousia Cadbury BAYNES 1847 - 1927
5) John Foley VIZARD 1845 – 1868
6) Mary Isabella VIZARD 1847 – 1910 m. David Blair HOOK (One child)
7) Maria Louisa VIZARD 1848 – 1930
8) Martha Sophie VIZARD 1850 – 1883
9) Jessie VIZARD 1852 – 1940 m. William H. CARTER 1852 – 1939 (Five children)
10) William George VIZARD 1854 – 1915 m. Ada Mary READ 1875 - 1934
11) Charlotte Marian VIZARD 1859 – 1940 m. Arthur John HUBBARD 1856 – 1935 (Five children)
Edward didn’t follow the family business of solicitor but trained as a Dental Surgeon. On the 1861 Census he is listed as Dentist Licentiate of the Royal College of Surgeons. His practice took him to Scarborough.
He also had a wide interest in the development of agriculture and for some time of his life before dentistry, was described as ‘Gentleman Farmer.’
Born in Dursley, he made several major moves in his life – Worcestershire, Surrey, Yorkshire, and Kent.
Mother’s Father
Edward was my Mother’s Father. He married Ann Foley of the family of Lord Foley of Great Witley Court, Worcestershire. He proposed to her at St. Anne’s Well on the Malvern Hills, which, at that time was probably a secluded and charming retreat.
They were probably married in 1836 or thereabouts. (14 February 1837. JFH) I calculate it as follows: My Mother was born in 1859, the youngest by five years of the rest of the family. The eldest child was Anne Elizabeth, who was 22 years older than Mother. This means that she must have been born in 1837 (25 November 1837. JFH) so the parents must have been married about a year earlier. Taking it that my grandmother was about twenty or so when they married, that means that she must have been born during the first decade of the 19th century. (5 November 1815. JFH) She died about 1902 and I have a very vague recollection of her as a very old lady in a shawl and white frilled cap, sitting in a large old Victorian armchair. It is most unusual that so long a span of time should be covered by two generations and can be explained by the fact that my mother was born very late in her mother’s life, and I also was born very late in my mother’s life, but I think the situation must be almost unique.
There must have been about 30 cousins in that generation, but the name has now almost entirely died out. Some years ago, I had a brief correspondence with a distant Vizard cousin living in Salisbury but beyond that I can find no others.
The curious and unusual name of Trewren occurs occasionally among the Vizard men. I have never come across it elsewhere. It is on record that a Vizard married a Phelps during the first half of last century. The Phelps of Madeira were cousins of my Father on his mother’s side, but they did not discover this till many years after they were married.
Frances Ann Roper née Hubbard 1975
St Anne’s Well
St Anne’s Well, Malvern, Worcestershire,
where Edward Vizard proposed to Ann Foley.
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