Elizabeth PEYTON 1757 - 1829
Daughter of Abel PEYTON (1722–1801) and Hannah SHAW (1726–1779)
Born 6th July 1757, London.
Died 8th October 1829, buried in Margate
Married 6 December 1783 to William PHELPS (1749–1831) at Cripplegate Church by Dr Hand,
Elizabeth and William had eight children
1) Elizabeth PHELPS (1784 – 1863) m. Robert PAGE 1775 – 1829
2) Mary PHELPS (1785 – 1862),
3) Ann PHELPS (1786 – 1787),
4) William PHELPS (1787 – 1876),
5) Abel Peyton PHELPS (1789 – 1876),
6) Ann PHELPS (1790 – 1880),
7) Joseph PHELPS (1791 – 1876) m. Elizabeth DICKINSON 1795 – 1876
8) Charles PHELPS (1796 – 1875)
The Peyton family was staunchly non-conformist. Their estate, Cattespoole, was near Tardebigge in Worcestershire, though Elizabeth's parents spent most of their time at their London home. Here she met William Phelps who, with his brother, had established a business importing wine from Madeira.
After their marriage they left for the island and lived at the Carmo, the home in Funchal which also housed the firm's offices. Although seven of their eight children were born in Funchal, they would visit England regularly so that the children's births could be registered in the Non-parochial Registers or the Protestant Dissenters' Registry. The children also attended schools in England, which were specifically for the children of dissenters, though Joseph did go on to Winchester.
When William's brother died in 1800, the family moved to London, living at 18 Montague Place and leaving Carmo House and the Madeira office in the care of the junior partner, Robert Page, who later married their eldest daughter.
Elizabeth died aged 72 while on a visit to Margate and was buried there.
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