Alice Blanche WHITMORE 1879 - 1937
Eighth child, fourth daughter of Alfred WHITMORE 1839 - 1903 and Mary Ann SUMMERS 1836 - 1896 Both from Gloucester.
Born 20th July 1879, Gloucester
Died 9th September 1937, Gloucester Royal Infirmary
Married William Robert BUCKETT 1883 - 1967
William and Alice Blanche had three children
1909 - 1990
1910 - 1939
1917 - 2010
Her Grandfather - the Tailor of Gloucester?
Alice’s childhood was spent in Gloucester. Her father was a carpenter. Her grandfather William was a tailor. Maybe it was just a joke, but William was of course a tailor of Gloucester. Did Beatrix Potter get her inspiration for her book ‘The Tailor of Gloucester’ from William? His shop was certainly in the right area in Pitt Street by the walls of the Cathedral.
Mollie, her daughter, always maintained William was The Tailor of Gloucester.
Alice's Siblings.
Alice was the last of eight siblings:
Ralph September 1864 - July 1876
Baptised 21 Aug 1864 St. Mary-de-Lode's Church, Gloucester.
Died aged 12
Francis (Frank)
1866 - 27 February 1942
Married Patience Jeynes HOLDER from Upton St Leonards, Gloucester.
For a while the family lived in Cardiff.
Four daughters.
Elizabeth (Eliza)
1869 - 1883. Died aged 14. Twin of Laura.
Mary Ann
1870 - 1874
Alfred J
1873 - April 1952 Married Emma HODGES 1871–1942 from Charlton Kings, Gloucestershire.
Alfred was a baker. One daughter.
1875 - Married Florence Ethel JAY Six daughters, one son.
Alice Blanche
1879 - 1937
9 April 1879 Alice was baptised at All Saints, Gloucester. Her sister Eliza was baptised at the same ceremony
Alice’s mother had been married before but was widowed.
She had two children from her first marriage - Lucy STAIT 1858 - 1895 and Charles STAIT 1859 - 1941. Both went on to be married and had children.
Early Life
We don’t know much about Alice’s early life except from the census entries.
Alice is 2, living at 23 Napier Street, (Barton Area) Gloucester. Her mother is Mary Whitmore, head of the household as Alfred her father was obviously away. Laura is 12, Alfred is 8, Wallace is 6
Alice is 12. Same address as above. Alfred Whitmore, 62, carpenter and joiner is head of the household aged 61. Mary aged 55. Son Alfred 18 is now working as a baker. Wallace 16 is now a carpenter.
Alice is 22 living in Wimbledon, Surrey. She is now employed as a nurse in a household with three small children.
Alice is 32 living in Mile End, London. She is married to William Robert BUCKETT (a Lay Reader) and has two children of her own - Phyllis (1 year old) and Nancy (seven months.)
Photo: Bob and Alice with Phyllis and Nancy. 1910
Other Sources
Alice and Bob Buckett had married at St Thomas’ Lambeth. She was twenty eight and he twenty four.
Daughter Phyllis Blanche born 6 June.
Daughter Nancy Gwendoline born 8 August.
Daughter Mollie Edith born 20 October and the family still living in the east end of London. (Walthamstow)
Alice, Bob and family go to live at Gloucester. The address is 27 Brunswick Square. This pleasant Georgian square, with houses around three sides and with its garden in the centre, was a perfect for the daughters, Phyllis, Nancy and Mollie to grow up in. Their father worked as chaplain for Missions to Seamen at the docks. Alice would have known Gloucester well and had many near relatives close by.
Alice dies at Gloucester aged fifty eight suffering from cancer.
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