Nancy Gwendoline BUCKETT 1910 - 1939
Second child and second daughter of William Robert BUCKETT 1883 - 1967 and Alice Blanche WHITMORE 1879 - 1937
Born 8th August 1910, Mile End New Town, London
Died 5th October 1939, London
Studio photographic portrait aged about six/seven.
Born in London, then in 1924, at the age of fourteen, Nancy moved with her family to Gloucester.
Like her sisters Phyllis and Mollie, Nancy attended Ribston Hall School in Gloucester. The school was a new one brought about by closure and changes to other schools in the city. In 1925 Nancy wrote a poem which appeared on the front cover of the first edition of the school magazine - The Ribbus.
Nancy in school gym slip with Britons House Badge 1928
By all accounts Nancy’s childhood was a happy one. She was also quite serious and studious. She loved writing her poetry and short stories.
Following in the footsteps of Phyllis she trained and qualified as a teacher. She taught for a few years then went on for further training at The Church of England Zenana Missionary Society, Blackheath, a British Anglican missionary society established to spread Christianity in India. It would later expand its missionary work into Japan and Qing Dynasty China. In 1957 it was absorbed into the Church Missionary Society (CMS).
Nancy’s mother had died in 1937, her father had married again in April 1939. He and Rene, his new wife, moved to Bermondsey. The old home in Gloucester was no more. The daughters came to stay during school and college holiday times. In 1939 the imminent war in Europe was making its presence felt in everybody’s lives. For Nancy, life suddenly seemed very bleak indeed. Nancy died on 5 October. Silence was always drawn over her death. No death certificate can be found. The nearest I can get is from two articles in the Gloucester Citizen -
Friday 06 October 1939
The sympathy of many friends in Gloucester will be extended the Rev. W. R. Buckett, formerly Chaplain at the Mariner’s Church, in the bereavement he has suffered the death of his daughter, Miss Gwendoline Buckett, which occurred at St. James’s Vicarage, Bermondsey, yesterday. It was known that Miss Buckett had been seriously ill only during the past week, but in view of the information received in Gloucester yesterday morning that there was an improvement her condition, news of her passing will come as a shock to her many friends in the city. Miss Buckett, who was 29 years of age, received her early education at Ribston Hall High School for Girls, and at the time of her death was training for work with the Church of England Zenana Missionary Society, a movement in which the late Mrs. Buckett was particularly interested. The funeral will take place at Gloucester Cemetery on Tuesday at 11.15, and the interment will in the grave in which her mother was buried, two years ago. The interment will be preceded by a service at the Mariners’ Church at 10.30.
Wednesday 11 October 1939
There were many mourners at LATE MISS NANCY BUCKETT FUNERAL IN GLOUCESTER, a daughter of the Rev. W. R. Buckett, Vicar of St. James' Bermondsey, and formerly Chaplain of the Mariners’ Church, Gloucester. Miss Buckett, who was 29 years of age, and who died after only a few days’ illness, received her early education at Ribston Hall High School for Girls, and had recently been in training for work with the Church of England Zevana Missionary Society. The first part of the funeral service was conducted at the Mariners’ Church the Chaplain (Rev. W. Asbury Smith.)
The principal mourners included the Rev. W. R. Buckett (father) and Mrs. Buckett, the Misses Phyllis and Mollie Buckett (sisters), Mr. Buckett (uncle), and Mr. and Mrs. Legge (Cheltenham). Among many others present were: Canon Billett and Miss Billett, Rev. R. S. Callander. Rev. Dr. Crawford, Rev. P. K. Prince, Rev. E. D. S. Camus, Rev. J. Warwick Armstrong and Mrs. Armstrong, Rev. Goodchild (Bristol). Lt.-Commander Colman, R.N.R. Mr. W. F. Marvin (Hon, Treasurer), and Mr. H. Gascoigne (Lay Reader), representing the Mariners’ Church. Miss Lucy Whitaker (headmistress). and Miss Cotterell (representing the Ribston Hall High School for Girls), Miss Neatby (representing the Church of England Zenana Missionary Society), Mr. and Mrs. Walker, Mr. E. Baker, Mr. ’Boucher, Mr. Maysey, Mrs. Whalley, Miss Cooper, Miss Daubeny, Mrs. Craddock. Miss Marshall. Mrs. Astley Gardiner. Misses Luce, Miss V. Candle, Miss Flunk, Mrs. Jeens. Mrs. Cant. Miss Clissold. Misses and D. Caudle. Mrs. Ridler, Miss Rouse, Mrs. Gowing, Mrs. T. Walker. There were many floral tributes.
Charlotte Marion VIZARD (Mrs A J HUBBARD) writes to Phyllis Buckett replying to hers on the news of Nancy’s death.
Pleasant Stile
Octber 9th 1939
My dear Phyllis
   I was indeed grieved to get the news you send me, although it always seems so wrong to mourn the Homecall of such a bright Christian as Nancy. Her friends down here, thought they saw such a happy, useful life before her; but her Heavenly Father had other plans for His Child, & they are sure to be most beautiful ones, & ones for which HE had been training her. But I do feel for her poor father, & for you & Mollie, coming so soon after your dear Mother’s passing: how glad they would be to meet! I wonder if your Mother was waiting to welcome her! Probably.
   It was so good of you to write so promptly, although the letter only reached me this morning. I shall think of you so much tomorrow, & I know Mrs Pollard & her dear old mother will; I took your letter round to them, just now, & they sent a very kind message of sympathy.
   Please remember me most kindly to your father. I was just going to send my usual offering to the Sale of Work. I do hope it will be a great success, but your father will be missed dreadfully. I hope he likes his new work; he could hardly have had a bigger Change! Are his people being evacuated? I expect so. He is seeing that side of it! We have no children here, but there are a great many in Cinderford, I hear.
   I have not heard from Mr George for more than a month, & I am wondering what has happened to the India mails. Now I will say goodbye. Where is your work now? Is Mollie still in Glos?
   Again thanking you very much for writing & with my prayers for God’s blessing & comfort for you all.
   I am yours very sincerely
      C.M. Hubbard.
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