Ann WADDINGTON 1782 - 1832
Second child and daughter of John WADDINGTON 1745-1819, of Clifford, and Ann BROWN 1755-1827
Born 4th January 1782, in Clifford, Bramham, Yorkshire
Died 1832
Buried 9th May 1832, Skelton, Yorkshire
Married Joseph GRAVES 06 Oct 1812 in Overton by Ouse, Yorkshire
Joseph and Ann had three sons:
1) Joseph Waddington GRAVES 1814 - 1877
    Baptized 12 Jun 1814 in Overton by Ouse, d. 20 Mar 1877 in York.
2) Robert GRAVES 1818 - 1899
    Baptized 20 Feb 1818 in Overton by Ouse, d. 22 May 1899 in Escrick, Yorks.
3) John Waddington GRAVES 1824 - 1882
    Baptized 11 Jan 1824 in Skelton, died 1882 in New Zealand.
Joseph GRAVES was buried 17 July 1825 and Ann WADDINGTON was buried 09 May 1832, both in Skelton.
The three sons appear to have been sent to live with relatives after the death of their parents.
1) Joseph Waddington
Joseph Waddington GRAVES became a Carpenter and Master Joiner.
He married twice, first to Mary WALKER, then to Sarah Ellen DODGSON.
He had at least three children with his first wife, and at least five with his second wife.
2) Robert
Robert GRAVES went to live in Escrick, Yorkshire with childless relatives on the Graves side.
He became a Farmer and married Emma Ann WILKINSON on 29 Sep 1846 in Bishop Wilton.
They had 8 children:
Ann Waddington GRAVES 1848 - 1902 (never married)
Emily GRAVES 1850 - 1873 (married George WAIN, two sons, they don’t appear to have had children)
Robert Wilkinson GRAVES 1851 - 1851
Sarah Mary GRAVES 1853 - ?
John Waddington GRAVES 1857 - 1938 (married Annie Emily JACQUES, two daughters, they don’t appear to have had children)
Robert Quarton Wilkinson GRAVES 1855 - ~1901 (married Mary Maria BRAMLEY, moved to North America, further descendants)
Hessay Wilkinson GRAVES 1858 - 1926 (married Mary Gertrude FLYNN in Canada, one daughter, further descendants)
Emma Ann GRAVES 1860 - 1878 (not married)
3) John Waddington
John Waddington GRAVES married Mary Ann WATTS and worked as a Grocer & Tea Dealer.
They don’t appear to have had any children. They eventually moved to New Zealand where he may have been a Farmer.
After Mary Ann’s death, he married Martha MAY in 1878, fathered two children with her, before dying in 1882.
River Ouse at Overton, Yorkshire.
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