Agatha WALKER 1888 - 1980
Only daughter of Emma HUBBARD and Henry Walker
Born 10th February 1888
Died Oct-Dec.1980, Poole Dorset (aged 92)
Sculptor and modeller
Agatha became well known in the Art World of sculpture and is well documented.
Born in Old Walsingham, Norfolk. Studying sculpture in 1911. In the 1920s and 1930s, Agatha executed a series of small figurines of actors and actresses in successful London stage productions. They were made of plaster which was coated in a thin layer of wax and then coloured. In 1931 the Fine Art Society held an exhibition of these figurines and there are about 20 examples in the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum. A larger collection consisting of at least 50 figures, mainly in plaster with some wax, of theatrical, religious and royal subjects (Queen Mary), several plaques related to religious material and an archive have been acquired by Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society. The collection is located at the Dorset County Museum.
Ten Wax and Plaster Figures by Agatha Walker,
circa 1920-30 Sold for £ 937 by Bonhams in April 2014
Figurine by Agatha
Peter Pan
Peter Pan
Lot 512 (Arts & Crafts and Art Deco - Live Online, Tue, 8th Sep 2020)
Jean Forbes-Robertson in the role of Peter Pan c.1930, a painted wax statuette, inscribed to the plinth 35cm high, 43cm high overall, cased. This wax figurine is modelled on the actress Jean Forbes-Robertson (1905-1962) in the title role of J M Barrie's 1904 children's play 'Peter Pan'. This is one of several wax figurines modelled by Agatha Walker in the 1920s and 1930s, mostly of actors and actresses in costume for roles in successful productions on the London stage. There had been a craze for ceramic figurines of performers in the 19th century and Walker attempted to revive this tradition with her limited-edition sculptures. They were modelled from life in plaster and coated with a fine wax layer which was then coloured. In 1931 there was an exhibition of her wax figures at the Fine Art Society.
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