William VIZARD 1808 - 1876
Second son of John VIZARD 1772 – 1814 and Anna Maria WEIGHT 1783 – 1830
Born 26th October 1808, Dursley, Gloucestershire
Died 17th January 1876,Epsom, Surrey
Married Maria Budden JEFFRIES 1811 - 1892
William and Maria had thirteen children.
Continuing the family ‘trade’ of lawyer, William had his own business of Vizard & Son, solicitors, Monmouth.
Great-Uncle William
The middle of the three brothers lived (I think) at Ancre Hill, a large mansion near Monmouth.
I know hardly anything of his family though I understand he had about ten children.
On a visit to Monmouth of recent years I saw the name Vizard on a Solicitor’s plate and should like to have called in to see if we could establish relationship, but time forbad.
Frances Ann Roper (née Hubbard) 1975
Ancre Hill
The Ancre Hill Estate is now a vineyard and winery, just outside Monmouth
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