Andrew VIZARD 1841 - 1922
Second son of Edward VIZARD 1810 – 1888 and Ann FOLEY 1815 – 1902
Born 17th April 1841,Grimley, Worcestershire
Died 27th October 1922, Ealing, London
Married Mina Elizabeth Ledeatt HINGSTON
Andrew and Mina had six children
Clayton Edward VIZARD
b.1870 Antigua, West Indies
d. 8 Feb 1873 Antigua, West Indies
buried: Saint John, Antigua, West Indies
Arthur Harry Hingston VIZARD
b. 1872 Antigua, West Indies
d. Dec 1937 Gosport, Hampshire
(Surgeon Comm RN) Two children
Leonard Foley VIZARD
b.1873 Antigua, West Indies
d.18 September 1915
buried: Kalkara, Southern Harbour, Malta (Wargrave)
(Paymaster, Commander, RN)
Andrew Harry VIZARD
b.1875 Antigua, West Indies
Nina Maud VIZARD
b.1877 Antigua, West Indies,
d.19 December 1935, At sea, on voyage to the West Indies
Winifred M VIZARD
b.1881 Nova Scotia Canada
(The above information about the six children was taken from Ancestry.)
From the Family Bible
Written in the Bible that originally belonged to his grandmother
Anna Maria Weight 1783 – 1830.
The handwriting is probably that of his mother Ann Vizard (née Foley) 1815 – 1902
Frances Ann Roper, née Hubbard, writing in 1975
Uncle Andrew entered the Navy and eventually became Harbourmaster at various Naval Bases, among them Kingston, Jamaica, Hamilton Bermuda, and Halifax, Nova Scotia. Whilst in Jamaica he met Mina Hingston, the pretty and spoilt daughter of a very wealthy family of sugar planters. She made a bet with a girlfriend that she would marry the next British Naval Officer who proposed to her, though she was only about 16 at the time. Uncle Andrew was that unfortunate man. She must have been completely helpless and inefficient in the running of a house, though of course she was accustomed to scores of negro servants, many of whom had been slaves in earlier days. Aunt Wese had to go out to run the house and help bring up the children and was with them for many years. There were several children of whom five survived.
Arthur, the eldest was within a year or two the same age as Mother. He became Surgeon Commander RN married and had two daughters.
The second son, Leonard was also a Naval Officer, and died unmarried.
The third son, Harry, was a highly skilled constructional engineer, and had a very good post in South African mines, but unfortunately, he was epileptic, and had on that account to give up his work while still a comparatively young man. He was extremely nice and came to stay with us at Little Dean and we children liked him immensely. Harry died unmarried.
The next child was a daughter, Maud, she was not very pretty but very sensible and competent and took over the housekeeping when old enough. She died unmarried.
The youngest, Winnie, was extremely pretty and high-spirited, but unfortunately, she also was epileptic, the epilepsy had obviously been introduced into the family by Aunt Mina, (Winnie’s mother.) She used to stay with us a lot, particularly while we were on holiday at Pevensey, on the Sussex coast, and were all very fond of her. She died, unmarried, while in her twenties.
We lived in Ealing from the time that I was about two, till we moved to Little Dean when I was ten. During those years there were several families of Mother’s brothers and sisters living nearby. Uncle Andrew and his family, Aunt Bella and her two daughters, and Aunt Wese were all in the district.
At that time Ealing was on the outskirts of the country, and it was all open fields across Perivale right out to Harrow. Of course, it has all been built up now for years.
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