Mary Isabella VIZARD 1847 - 1910
Second daughter of Edward VIZARD 1810 – 1888 and Ann FOLEY 1815 – 1902
Born 1st March 1847, New House Farm, Ardingly, Sussex
Died 15th May 1910, Cape Town, South Africa
Married David Blair HOOK, 14 Oct 1886
David had five children from his former marriage
Bella and David had two daughters
(Dulcie) Sophie Isabella Paget Hook
Details not known
Marjory Olga Foley Hook
b. 1892 Umzinkulu, Natal, South Africa
d. 1961 Salisbury, Rhodesia
From the Family Bible
Written in the Bible that originally belonged to her grandmother
Anna Maria Weight 1783 – 1830.
The handwriting is probably that of her mother Ann Vizard (née Foley) 1815 – 1902
Frances Ann Roper, née Hubbard, writing in 1975
Aunt Bella went out to South Africa, as, I believe, a nurse.
While there she married Colonel Hook (I never knew his Christian name) who treated her very badly on account of her hereditary deafness. He was a cousin of the Colonel Paget of the contingent of Paget’s Horse, which was very famous during the Boer War.
She had two daughters, Dulcie and Olga, and had brought them to England for their education at a very good girls’ school in Ealing. Olga, who must have been 12 or 13 at the time, taught me to read at an incredibly early age, somewhere about 18 months to 2 years old. I have very clear memories of my very early days and can never remember the time when I could not read. They finished their education and returned to S. Africa when I must have been about five, and I was taken to see them off in the Tintagel Castle. The atmosphere and smell of the ship was the beginning of my great love of ships which has remained with me all my life.
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