Martha Sophie VIZARD 1850 - 1883
Fourth daughter of Edward VIZARD 1810 - 1888 and Ann FOLEY 1815 - 1902
Born 24th April 1850, New House Farm, Ardingly, Sussex
Died 28th December 1883, Kimberley, South Africa
From the Family Bible
Written in the Bible that originally belonged to her grandmother
Anna Maria Weight 1783 - 1830.
The handwriting is probably that of her mother Ann Vizard (née Foley) 1815 - 1902.
Frances Ann Roper, née Hubbard, writing in 1975
Sophie was the prettiest and most lively and attractive of all the sisters. She and Aunt Jessie were very near in age, and both trained as nurses. In the early ‘80s of last century, the South African diamond mines were being developed, and many young Englishmen went out as managers and in other administrative capacities. Sickness among them became so rife that an appeal was sent out for English nurses to come and help to look after them, and Aunt Sophie and Aunt Jessie went out together. Probably Aunt Bella also went.
The conditions were so bad and the work so heavy that Aunt Sophie became ill from overwork and died at Kimberley.
From the newspapers - Death of Martha Sophia VIZARD
DEATHS. Vizard, M. Sophia, daughter of Mr. Edward VIZARD, Dover, at Kimberley, South Africa, Dec. 28.
Source: St James's Gazette, Wednesday 2 January 1884, accessed online at
DEATHS. VIZARD. - Dec.28, at Kimberley, South Africa. M. Sophia, fourth daughter of Edward and Ann Vizard, of Dover.
Source: London Evening Standard, Wednesday 2 January 1884, accessed online at
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