William George VIZARD 1854 - 1915
Fifth son of Edward VIZARD 1810 – 1888 and Ann FOLEY 1815 – 1902
Born 19th October 1854, Scarborough, Yorkshire
Died 16th January 1915, Hampstead, London
Married (c.1906/7) Ada Mary READ
b. 1875, Chelsea, Middlesex
d. 14 April 1934
From the Family Bible
Written in the Bible that originally belonged to his grandmother
Anna Maria Weight 1783 – 1830.
The handwriting is probably that of his mother Ann Vizard (née Foley) 1815 – 1902.
Frances Ann Roper, née Hubbard, writing in 1975
William George was the youngest son, and the nearest in age to Mother, being five years older. (Both my parents had a brother named George, so I had two Uncle Georges, one Hubbard and one Vizard). He was a solicitor and the ideal bachelor uncle. He often used to come and see us at Ealing, and was always extremely kind to us children, playing games and romping all over the floor with us. We were very fond of him.
In late middle age he was trapped by some designing female who, in the phraseology of the period, accused him of “trifling with her affections”- the very last thing he would be capable of doing. Though I could not have been more than 5 or 6 at the time, I well remember the utter dismay and distress of all the family when he felt it was the only honourable thing to do to marry her. Naturally I was not told any details, but children pick up a great deal from overhearing their elders talk.
Uncle George was bitterly unhappy and died shortly afterwards.
No children.
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