Mary UNETT 1707 - 1747
Daughter of Robert UNETT b.1669 and Mary BRYDGES b.1681
Born 1707, Castle Frome, Herefordshire
Died 1747, Kingswinford, Stafford
Married 14 Jan 1735, Richard FOLEY 1710 - 1767
Nine children were born to Richard FOLEY and Mary UNETT
1) Edward FOLEY 1732 - 1778
Elizabeth FOLEY 1732 - 1790
 (Nine children)
2) Jane FOLEY b.1735
3) Robert FOLEY (Rev) 1736 - 1797
Ann WALWYN b.1749
4) Sarah FOLEY b.1739
5) Mary FOLEY 1740 - 1792
 (Six children)
6) Richard FOLEY b. 1741
7) Philip FOLEY b.1742
8) John FOLEY 1745 - 1803
9) Elizabeth FOLEY 1746 - 1816
The UNETT family of Castle Frome
The church of St Michael and All Angels at Castle Frome is situated on high ground facing west overlooking Herefordshire countryside towards Wales. Inside the church by the north wall of the chancel is a tomb of the UNETT family without any inscription, c1660.
The recumbent effigies are probably Francis UNETT 1612 - 1656 and his wife Sara NICHOLETTS 1612 - 1659 whose wall monument is nearby, now over the 19c doorway to the vestry on the same wall. Was the tomb more to the west originally under the wall monument? At some point the tomb has been made to fit round and above the altar steps, the younger daughters, repositioned, standing on higher ground.
The effigies are beautifully carved, showing in great detail the fine points of costume at that time. The effigies were originally richly painted, and traces of vividly coloured paint still cling in places, giving a tantalizing glimpse into what they must have looked like when new. Francis wears a Cavalier uniform.
Francis UNETT, High Sheriff of the County, was the only son and heir of William UNETT 1590-1624 and 2nd wife Anne 1636 daughter of Ambrose ELTON of Ledbury by Anne daughter of Edward ASTON and Ann daughter of Thomas LACY and Joyce ACTON at Charlecote (Anne was the granddaughter of Anthony ELTON & Alice SCUDAMORE.)
A wall memorial to them nearby is inscribed:
"Here llyeth ye body of Francis Unett esq, ye sonne of William Unett esq, who married Sara Nicholetts daughter of William Nicholetts of Hopton Sollars esq by whome hee had issue 8 sonnes Francis, Richard, John, William, Nicholetts, Thomas & Thomas & Edward & 3 daughters Sara, Anna & Rebecca. Hee departed ys life on ye 5 day of June Anno Dom 1656 aged 44. (Four line verse in Latin, see * below.) Allso here lyeth the body of Sara the wife of Francis Unett esq who departed ys life in the true faith of Christ April the 15th Anno Dom 1659 "
* The four-line Latin verse roughly translates as
Ossa sepulta uiri restant hic puluerc digni
The buried bones of a man remain here worthy of dust
Qui pulchre in mundo dum quo uixit ibi
He lived beautifully in the world while he lived there
Virtute insigni luxit, quem gloria clareo
He shines with remarkable power, whose glory shines
Candore et uitoe tollit ad astra Dei
He lifts up to the stars of God with candour and vigour.
Allowing for three sons (now missing on the east end of the tomb balancing those on the west end), the number of children mentioned on the memorial matches those of Francis & Sarah, also the costumes are mid 17c and the wall inscription to them is very near this tomb making room for the 12c window above and vestry door.
My research finds that the family were living at Marden Court (now Farm) at the time of the births of the children. Marden Court is twelve miles from Castle Frome.
1. Francis 1635 - 1678
2. Richard b.1636
3. John b. 1637 m. Frances, co-heiress daughter of Henry Lingen 1662 of Sutton and Stoke Edith by Alice daughter of Sir Walter Pye of the Mynde & Much Dewchurch, 3rd daughter of William Rudhall & Margaret Croft of Ross on Wye (Frances was heiress of Sutton Freen & Freens Court)
4. William b. 1635
5. Nicholetts 1646 - 1710
6. Thomas (died young) c.1648
7. Thomas 1649
8. Edward 1650
9. Sarah b.1652
10. Anne b. 1654
11. Rebecca b. 1656
(Dates from Ancestry)
The Unett family home at Castle Frome was Birch End, now referred to as Old Birchend.
Mary would have been familiar with the Unett memorial in the church.
Clergy sons of Richard and Mary
Two of the rectors of the church at Castle Frome were Foleys.
Robert Foley 1736 - 1797, dated on the list of Rectors 1760, second son of Richard and Mary.
John Foley 1745 - 1803, dated on the list of Rectors 1769, fifth son of Richard and Mary.
Other facts -
Francis UNETT’s (senior) mother Anne, secondly married, 1624, Thomas Cocks 1599 - 1649 son of Richard Cocks 1623 of Eastnor having two sons Rev. Thomas Cocks 1724 & Charles Cocks m. Mary daughter of John Summers
The Unett family gained Castle Frome by the marriage in 1432 of John Unett with heiress Elizabeth Brace granddaughter of lord of the manor Sir William Devereux a descendant of the Lacy lords of the manor.
The parents of Francis, William and Anne, are reported to have been remembered by "3 slabs near the south wall of the nave, two inscribed and one with a shield-of-arms".
Sources: various, but mainly a visit to Castle Frome and information found there.
A note on the BRYDGES family
Tiberton [Tyberton] Court
Tyberton Court was built in 1729 for William Brydges and it stayed in the family until the early 19th century when due to the lack of male heirs the property passed to a daughter, Anne Brydges, who married the Rev. Henry Lee Warner. For some years this couple were not in residence, and in 1805, Tiberton Court was advertised fully furnished for let. The term was for three years, and the advertisement stressed that whoever applied must be aware of their responsibilities in keeping the place in good order - no mean feat when there was not only the mansion house to look after, but also the gardens; hot house; fruit house and greenhouse!
*In 1809 the house was once again up for rent for a further term of three years and given that I have found reports of the birth of a son at Tiberton Court in 1812 to the Lady of the Rev. Reginald Wynniatt, then possibly this family was the next tenant.
Reginald Wyanniatt and Catherine Brydges, information from Cheryl McManus
*I have been contacted by a very helpful lady, Cheryl McManus, whose ancestors are deeply embedded in Tyberton Court history; the following is what she has kindly provided and agreed to have published on the site:
Reginald Wyanniatt married his cousin, Catherine Brydges whose parents were Frances William Thomas Bridges and Ann Phillipps.
It appears that Catherine Brydges Wyanniatt inherited Tiberton Court jointly with her eldest sister Ann (who married Daniel Henry Lee-Warner, and went on to have a whopping 10 children).
One of these children was Robert Henry Lee-Warner who eventually inherited Tiberton Court, and who married Isabella Margaret Gordon, daughter of Charles David Gord of Abergeldie Castle.
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