Anne (Kitty) PHELPS 1824 - 1895
Third child of Joseph Phelps (1791–1876) and Elizabeth DICKINSON (1795–1876)
Born 9th May 1824, Funchal, Madeira.
Died 21st February 1895, Middlesex, England.
Married 29 May 1851 to Robert BAYMAN (1820–1881) in Kent
Children Arthur Lowe (b 1854), Ernest (b & d 1856)
Aged two, Anne travelled with her parents and older sisters to England, where the births of all three girls were registered in the Protestant Dissenters' Registry. She spent most of her childhood back home in Madeira but after a very severe bout of dysentery in 1847 she spent about a year in England. When she returned home to Maderia, she devoted herself to gardening and her mother writes "She is very useful to me as she entirely cultivates the garden in Town, and she has made herself a very good botanist."
Anne was the first of the children to marry. Her husband was an American wine merchant and also attached to the American Consulate in Madeira, acting as Consul at various times. After their marriage, Robert's senior partner purchased an estate for the business, and they lived in the luxurious house and managed the estate and vineyard.
In 1853 Anne and Robert visited the United States of America, returning the next year via England and Paris to Madeira where their son Arthur was born. Anne became very obese, and a number of other pregnancies resulted in miscarriages or stillbirths.
When Anne's parents retired to England, she and Robert moved in to Carmo House and themselves retired to England in 1865. The 1881 census shows them and Arthur living in Chiswick and describes her as Superintendent of Royal School of Art Needlework. Robert died that year and Anne nearly 14 years later, aged 70.
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