Caroline Ann PEYTON 1833 - 1904
Fifth child of Abel PEYTON (1799–1887) and Elizabeth COBB (1805–1890)
Born 17th January 1833, Birmingham.
Died 9th June 1904, Birmingham
Married 19th Feb 1868, her second cousin Arthur PHELPS (1837 - 1920) in St Thomas Cathedral, Bombay.
Caroline and Arthur had four children.
Malet Peyton PHELPS (1869–1950), married Dorothy Heath SMITH (1883–1951)
Murray Newton PHELPS (1871–1948), married Ethel May KITSON (1874–1945)
Elizabeth Lora PHELPS (1872–1951), married Charles Holt CALDICOTT (1871–1959)
George Ingram de Brissac PHELPS (1875–1938) married Evangeline Josephine FENTON (1881–1958)
Caroline's father was a manufacturing chemist, in partnership with his father who had started the business in Birmingham at the beginning of the 19th Century. Soon after Caroline's birth, the family moved in to "Oakhurst" in the suburb of Edgbaston.
Caroline was a music-lover with a beautiful voice. This was something which attracted her second cousin Arthur Phelps, when they met in December 1852. He was spending a holiday with the Partridge family, Carrie's aunt and uncle, and was about to embark on a year's study to enter the Bombay Army. Although they corresponded afterwards, they would not meet again until 1866 when Arthur was home on leave from India.
His proposal was accepted; Carrie went to India and was married to Arthur in Bombay in February 1868. Soon after this, Arthur was posted to Aden which was part of the Bombay Presidency at the time. Here their sons Malet and Murray were born and Carrie took them on a visit to her parents soon afterwards.
Caroline then returned to India to rejoin Arthur, who was now working in the Commissariat, taking Murray with her but leaving Malet with his grandparents. The two younger children were born in India. Her mother wrote to her in November 1873: “Murray seems a darling little fellow and we like to hear of him and Elsie. I am glad you are going to sing a solo – you can do so well if you will put force into it.”. Other visits to England followed later but Carrie spent many years moving about India with Arthur and suffered various severe illnesses. All four children spent most of their childhood in England, with their grandparents and later with Arthur's brother William and his wife.
In the mid-1890s Arthur retired from the Indian Army and he and Caroline set up home at 23 Augustus Road, Birmingham, near other family members.
Caroline died at home in 1904, aged 71.
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