Moyra de Brissac HUBBARD 1920 - 2011
Daughter of Philip Waddington HUBBARD 1893 – 1953 and Doris Louisa ASTELL 1894 – 1953.
Sister of George Waddington Eugene HUBBARD 1925 - 1979.
Born January 1920
Died April 2011
Married James Meyrick NEILSON in 1941
Moyra and James had two children:
Caroline Moyra born in 1942
John James born in 1946.
Moyra was an intelligent child, an early reader and much enjoyed the interaction with her father, Philip Waddington HUBBARD. He would quote Shakespeare to her while dressing in the morning, though she said it was only years later that she recognised from where the quotations came.
He was an architect and from him she developed an eye for form and design. Family and family possessions were always of interest to her. Both her father and grandfather kept records of furniture, who it had belonged to and where it came from. She herself made a record of these and additional items (A Personal Inventory) and every picture had details on the back of who had painted it and how they fitted into the family which is of great use to her descendants. She also wrote ‘A Journey in my Head’ which was an autobiography of great interest to her family, particularly the grandchildren with its description of life between the first and second world wars.
As an army wife she became adept at setting up home in various places from Singapore to Germany and to Army camps in England, though on Meyrick’s retirement they relished finally settling in Tetbury, near Cirencester and enjoying the social life that went with a permanent home.
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