Publications and Reports

Reports to S.P.G. secretary
Too much in the nature of running a business with occasional Sunday duty thrown in.
See edited report in Schoolboy Builders above.
Document scans.
Oyawudi church Hindu columns - redacted!
See edited report in Schoolboy Builders above.
Breaking with the so-called Christian (i.e. Gothic) architecture.
Reinforced concrete extensively used.
Moga teacher training school, Punjab.
Reducing school admissions.
Indigenous Symbols: Banana-bud Capital; Wheel.
Intake selection.
Chaplain at English Church, Tuticorin.
Many building schemes.
The A.I.S. has had its day.
The New Order.
Tree Planting.
Oyangudi church dedication.
The school will be under Indian management.
A satisfying sense of being where one is wanted.
Returning after furlough as a married man.
Progress - the school is like a piece of smooth-running machinery.
War. Work is being suspended.
Jap air attack.
Memories of Arras in March 1918.
Bishop paid his last official visit to the school on 9th March 1942.
Health: dentist; deafness.
Language study.
Train journey.
Utter lack of Tamil an insuperable handicap.
Art Industrial School - Annual Reports
 1) 1940
 2) 1941/42
 3) 1942/43
 4) 1943
Bishop Selwyn's Report to SPG secretary
Lilian M. Evans' Report to SPG secretary
Letters to SPG secretary
 2) Camping Pamphlets for Tinnevelly Diocesan Boys' Camp, Rock Hall, Courtallam for 1940, 1941
 3) Valedictory Speech March 1943
 4) Book Fair September 1943
 5) Oyangudi Church Dedication 22nd September 1943
 6) A distant view of Christian Unity George writes to the local paper
 7) Art Industrial School oddments. Photos and Fliers
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