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Arthur John HUBBARD and Charlotte Marian VIZARD married Married 10 July 1888 at St Paul's Church, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, by the Rev E. J. GALLOP.
From the Hemel Hempstead Gazette Saturday, July 14, 1888
HUBBARD. – VIZARD. – On 10th July, 1888, at St. Paul’s Church, Hemel Hempstead, by the Rev. E. J. Gallop, Arthur John Hubbard, M.D., son of the late John Waddington Hubbard, M.R.C.S., formerly of Market Bosworth, to Charlotte Marian, youngest daughter of the late Edward Vizard, Esq., formerly of Dursley. No cards.
This locally and domestically interesting event, which has been looked forward to for some months in this neighbourhood, took place in St. Paul's Church on Tuesday morning last.
The time fixed for the commencement of the ceremony was 11.30. a.m. but before that period arrived, the church, with the exception of the reserved places, was filled with a congregation prepared to give attention even to every minute circumstance which might appear.The chancel of the church was most tastefully and appropriately adorned by Mrs. Gallop and Miss Heale, with very beautiful flowers, which gave an aspect of light elegance to the more serious adornments of this part of the building.
The bridegroom was Mr. Arthur John Hubbard, M.D. a member of the firm of Messrs. Ambler, Steele, and Hubbard, surgeons. Dr. Hubbard during his three years’ residence in this town, has gained the respect and good will of all classes of the inhabitants by his pleasant and courteous manner, by his skill and his careful attention to his patients. The Bride was Miss Charlotte Marian Vizard, daughter of the late Mr Edward Vizard of Dursley then Dover. The young lady has been assistant to her sister in the Convalescent Home at Marlowes. Marlowes is part of H.H.
Among those who occupied foremost places in the church were Mrs Hubbard, (Emma Evans, JFH) mother of the bridegroom; J. John Evans, Esq., J.P., D.L., L.L.D., etc., uncle of the bridegroom; Lewis Evans Esq., J.P., his cousin, Mrs Heale, Mrs Gallop, Mrs Ambler and the Misses Ambler, Dr Steele, etc. The Bride’s relations and friends, who took the places assigned to them shortly before the arrival of the Bride and Bridegroom were – Mrs Vizard, Ann Foley, mother of the Bride; Miss Anne Elizabeth Vizard, Lady Matron of the Convalescent Home, and Miss Louisa Vizard, her sisters; Mr Philip and George Vizard, her brothers; Mr William and Mrs Jessie Vizard, also a sister, Mrs Carter; Mr Herbert Vizard and Mrs Crowdy, her cousins.
Owing to the recent death in the family of the Bride, Edward Vizard 1810-1888 there was very little display in the wedding party. The Bride’s relations were dressed in black. The Bride was led up the nave by Mr Philip Vizard, and the Bridegroom was accompanied by Mr George Hubbard, brother, his best man. These formed, strictly speaking, the wedding party, and as there were no bridesmaids, it presented a very unpretentious appearance on meeting the officiating Clergyman at the entrance to the chancel, where the first part of the service was gone through.
The service was full choral, the officiating clergyman being the Rev. E. J. Gallop. The choir on entering sang “The voice that breathed o’er Eden.” Miss Heale was organist. The Bride was given away by Mr Philip Vizard. Brother.
The Bride was dressed in steel tricotrian silk. A gold Maltese cross locket was given by Mrs Hubbard and a gold bracelet given by the Committee of the Kings College Hospital Convalescent Home, on whose behalf it was presented to the Bride by Mr Cunningham, the Chairman of the Committee.At the conclusion of the service at the altar the Rev. E. J. Gallop gave an earnest address to the newly married pair, and then the hymn No. 375, commencing
Now thank we all our God
With heart and hands and voices.
We have no doubt the congregation in singing the lines
And keep us in His grace,
And guide us when perplexed
And free us from all ills.
In this world and the next.
expressed their wishes towards the newly married couple.
Gold bracelet - Committee of the Kings College Hospital Convalescent Home.
Old oak bureau – Mr. G. Hubbard. George, brother of AJH
Old oak cabinet – Mrs. Evans. (Frances Phelps second wife of John Evans. Aunt by marriage to AJH.)
Sandalwood box – Mrs. Hooper. (Frances Hubbard, sister of AJH.)
Wedgewood tea service – Mr. W. Minet. (William Minet widower of Alice Evans (1856-1882), cousin.)
Wedgewood tea service and table – Mr. & Mrs. Carter. (Jessie Vizard sister of CMV and husband William H Carter.)
Gold chain – Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Vizard. (Philip E. Vizard brother of CMV and wife Louise Baynes)
Gold bracelet – Rev. E.W. and Mrs. Foley. (Rev Edward Walwyn Foley uncle of CMV and his wife Charlotte Laing)
Gold bracelet – Mrs. Mainwaring.
Gold pendant – Mrs. Hubbard. (Emma Evans, mother of AJH)
Gold brooch – Mrs. Horsley.
Gold and pearl brooch – Mrs. Carter. (Jessie Vizard sister of CMV)
Leather arm chair - Mr. Evans. John? (Uncle to AJH)
Leather arm chair – Mr. H. E. Ambler.
China flower bowl – Mr. E. W. Foley and Miss Foley. (Cousins Edward and Mary Ann Foley.)
Pair of flower bowls - Miss Nicolson.
Pair of vases – Miss Stevens.
Pair of vases – Mrs. E. Vizard. (Mother of CMV, Ann Foley, widow of Edward Vizard.)
Pair of vases – Miss Vizard. (Ann Elizabeth Vizard oldest sister of CMV.)
Prayer and Hymn book – John Hales.
Three vases – Mr. Waters.
Two Mentone vases – Miss Mason.
Silver egg stand – Dr. Phillpot.
Two volumes of Hans Anderson’s Fairy Tales – Mr. Wilkinson.
Silver crumb scoop - Miss Downing.
Silver gravy spoon warmer – Mr. Downing.
Silver egg boiler – Mr. R. H. Brew.
Silver gravy spoon – Mr. and Mrs. W. Thomas.
Silver tea pot – Mrs. Grimwood.
Silver tea pot and stand – Mr. and Mrs. Evans. (Probably Lewis Evans, cousin, and his second wife Eva Fanny Bradford.)
Silver salver – Mr. Thomas.
Silver napkin ring – Mrs. E. Vizard. (Ann Foley, mother of CMV)
Silver dessert knives and forks – Dr. and Mrs Steele.
Silver dessert knives and forks – Miss and Miss L. Vizard. (Sisters of CMV. Anne and Maria Louise Vizard)
Silver sugar basin, tongs, scoop, cream jug – Mr. and Mrs. Dillon.
Silver sugar basin and spoon – Mrs. Church.
Silver asparagus tongs – Mr. S. Walker.
Oak and silver biscuit box – Mrs. Dickinson. (Frances Hyett)
Oak and silver jam bucket – Mr. Dickinson. (Sebastian S Dickinson cousin of Emma Evans. Great friends with George Hubbard.)
Silver mounted salt cellars and spoons – Mrs. E. Vizard. (Mother of CMV)
Jet bracelet - Mr. J. Cunningham.
Hot water dish – Mrs. Hubbard’s servants. (No names!)
Leather handbag – Servants of the Convalescent Home.
Photograph of St. Paul’s Church – Arthur Mutton.
Pair of brass candlesticks – Mrs Lake.
Pair of brass candlesticks – Mrs. Little and Mr. T. T. Vizard. (Thomas Trewern Vizard, cousin of CMV from Dursley.)
Antique brass kettle and lamp – Mr. E. Wardle.
Crown Derby lamp – Rev. E.J. and Mrs Gallop.
Venetian table lamp – Mrs. W. and the Misses Vizard. (Wife of William G Vizard, brother of CMV and daughters.)
Engraving of Dr. Abernethy – Mr. and Mrs. Draper.
Russia leather writing case – Mrs. & the Misses Heale.
Russia leather silver mounted purse – Mr. Herbert Vizard.
Silver and ivory card case – Miss Foley.
Silver and ivory paper knife – Mr. and Mrs. Horne.
Silver and ebony letter weight – Capt. and Mrs Phelps. (Probably Major General Arthur and Mrs Phelps, Caroline Ann Peyton.)
Nest of china dishes – Mrs. E. Ambler.
Glass centre piece – Miss Broderick.
The Rajah of Sarawak 2 vols – Miss Jacob.
Japanese tea table – Mr. and Mrs. Ward.
Small table – Mrs. H. Wyman.
China cheese dish – Mr. and Mrs Dean.
Book slide – Mrs. Frazier.
Two china plaques – Mrs Crowder.
Game pie dish – Mr. and Mrs. Parkinson.
Photograph album – Miss Dickinson. (Cousin of AJH, Frances, daughter of Sebastian Dickinson and Frances Hyett.)
Atlas – Mr. and Mrs. Longman. (Charles and Harriet A. Evans, cousin.)
Box of knives – Mr. and Mrs Walker. (Emma Hubbard, sister of AJH and Henry Walker.)
Fancy basket – Miss Judkins.
Worked cushion – Mrs. Evans. (Fanny Phelps.)
Cushion case – Miss Ross.
Tea cosy – Miss Lawless.
Embroidered cambric Handkerchiefs, and Maos Dadas ring – Mrs Phelps.
Tea cloth – Mrs. Hubbard. (Emma Evans, mother of AJH)
Tea cloth – Miss L. Vizard. (Maria Louise, sister to CMV)
Tea cloth – Miss C Gabriel.
Algerian shawl – Miss Grover. (Relative through the Grovers of Hemel Hempstead)
Copper tea kettle – Mr. Wingrove.
Toilet set – The Misses Horne.
Toilet set - Miss Pearton.
Beaded pin cushion – Waifs and Strays.
Hot water jug – Miss Poulton.
Antimacassar – Miss Piffard.
Antimacassar – Miss Brodrick.
Antimacassar – Miss Lempriere.
Antimacassar – Eliza Griffiths.
Antimacassar – Ada Mountfield.
Antimacassar – S. Welsh.
Set of jugs – Mrs. Baldwin.
Russia leather album – Mr. George Vizard. (Brother of CMV)
Prayer and hymn book – Mrs. Lawrance.
Case of silver nut crackers – Mr. Wilson.
Jewel case – Mr. George Vizard. (Brother of CMV)
Holy Bible – Mr. Fountain.
Butter dish – Mrs. Whitelegge.
A silver wedding cake basket – Mr. and Mrs. A Vizard. (Andrew, brother of CMV.)
Silver fruit knife – Mrs Winifred Vizard ?? and others.
The newly contracted pair, with their relatives and friends, went to the Convalescent Home to inspect the presents.
At 2.30 the Bride and Bridegroom set off for Sandsend, near Whitby, Yorkshire, via London.
From the marriage registers of St Paul’s Hemel Hempstead.
(Marriages 1879-1916) D/P 47 1/26 1888 No. 48 – July 10th
Arthur John Hubbard, bachelor aged 31 and Charlotte Marian Vizard, spinster aged 28.
Doctor of Medicine, University of Durham
Residence at time of marriage = AJH – 54 Marlowes
CMV – King’s College Hospital Convalescent Home.
Father’s names – John Waddington Hubbard, M.R., C.S. Eng., L.S.A.
Edward Vizard, Gentleman. Both fathers deceased.
Banns. E.J.Gallop, Vicar Witnesses – George Hubbard, Emma Hubbard, Ann Vizard, Philip Vizard
From the Bucks Herald
Hubbard-Vizard. — At St. Paul's Church, Hemel Hempstead, on the 10th inst., by the Rev. E. J. Gallop, vicar, Arthur John Hubbard, M.D., Hemel
Hempstead, to Charlotte Marion, daughter of the late Mr. Edward Vizard, of Dover.
Source : Bucks Herald, 14 July 1888, page 8.
Marriage or Dr. Hubbard and Miss Vizard. — The marriage of Mr. Arthur John Hubbard, M.D., with Miss Charlotte Marion Vizard, was celebrated in
St. Paul's Church on Tuesday morning last.
Mr. Hubbard, during the three years he has resided in this town and been a member of the firm of Ambler, Steele, and Hubbard, surgeons, has gained the respect of the inhabitants by his genial and pleasant manner, and his untiring attention to his patients. Miss Vizard, who has been Assistant Matron the King's College Convalescent Home, Marlowes, is also much respected. These facts drew a crowded congregation to St. Paul's Church in anticipation of witnessing the marriage ceremony.
The Church was prettily decorated by the Rev. E. J. and Mrs. Gallop. The time fixed for the ceremony was 11.30, but nearly an hour before that time the churchyard was crowded with persons anxious to gain admission. Mr. E. J. Jones, the churchwarden, with Messrs. Foster, Jouglain, and Fensom, sidesmen, having seated the congregation, the wedding party commenced to arrive, amongst them being Mr. John Evans, D.C.L., and uncle of the bridegroom, with Mrs. Evans, Mr. L. Evans. Mrs. Hubbard, mother of the bridegroom, Mrs. Vizard, mother of the bride, Dr. Steele, Dr. Byham, and many others.
Mr. Hubbard was attended by his brother, Mr. George Hubbard, as best man. There were no bridesmaids, the wedding being a quiet one owing to the very recent death of the bride's father, the late Mr. Edward Vizard, of Dover. The Rev. E. J. Gallop, vicar of St. Paul's, conducted the service. The bride was given away by her brother, Mr. P. E. Vizard.
Her dress was of grey silk trimmed with steel, and she wore a gold bracelet presented by the Committee of the King's College Convalescent Home. The service was choral and impressively rendered by the Vicar. The honeymoon is to be spent at Sandsend, near Whitby, Yorks. The presents were both numerous and valuable.
Source : Bucks Herald, 14 July 1888, page 8.
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